What Are You Running “To” ? ? ?

You might think that a discussion about running in a Prosthetic & Orthotic Blog is somewhat unusual.  Well — not so much!  Especially if you consider that the difference in the current 100 meter world record for an Olympian vs. a Para-Olympian is less than 2 seconds. So running is more than a viable topic for all of us.

In one way or another we’re all engaged in some form of running.  There is actual physical running; running to lose weight; running to establish a personal record; running to get in shape; running to relieve stress.  Then there is the not so obvious “life’s running”:  running to get to work; running to avoid; running to get your kids to practice; running to get away; or running to catch up because our life’s been placed on “fast forward”.   And more often than not we’re running “to” something.

So how about we forget about running “to” something.  When you lace up the shoes let’s just run or walk for the pure fun of it”?  Sounds like a nice idea.  However, I think many of us would conclude that running or even walking can be difficult, challenging, and often times not so much fun.

Well, here’s another idea.  The next time you set out to run or walk, bring “enjoyment” with you?  That’s right, either mentally or even better physically. Record on your phone or write down those things that make you happy and bring them along.  That way you won’t have to worry about finding joy “out there”.  It will already be with you. And when you’re done, whether you’ve run 5 yards, 5 miles, or just walked, because you’ve brought your own happiness to the task there’s a very good chance that it will be enjoyable.

Perhaps we can apply this philosophy to “life’s running”  and bring enjoyment to those difficult, not so much fun things that life has us run for. Think about it!

Peace & Energy, Team Green