Teamwork – An Endangered Quality in Healthcare?

On our website we point out that many of us at one time or another experienced what it was like to be a part of an exceptional team. It was a collection of individuals who worked together, had a set of common goals & values, trusted one another, complemented each others’ strengths, and compensated for each others’ limitations. Often times the team produced exceptional results.

When you obtain healthcare services in today’s environment often you become part of a new Team. At Green Prosthetics & Orthotics, that Team may include physicians, prosthetists, orthotists, nurses, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, office personnel, as well as insurance representatives. Their sole purpose is to provide you or someone you love with the most successful treatment available.

We have always believed that having all those team members work together is critical to providing great care. Unfortunately, a disturbing pattern in healthcare is emerging. What we are experiencing, is despite their good intentions, as today’s healthcare providers are attempting to comply with new federal regulations; accept lower payments from insurance carriers; deal with continued cost increases; and implement new technologies –they are being forced to function independently. And when Teamwork is compromised the patient’s chances of achieving the most successful outcome can be compromised as well.

So what are we as patients or guardians to do? We can’t fix the whole healthcare system!

The answer lies in understanding that modern medicine today is in fact a team sport that requires exceptional teamwork. And like it or not, as the patient or their advocate, you have to make yourself the Captain of the Team. Your main role is making sure all the players are communicating and collaborating with one another and continually striving for the best possible outcome.

Down the road with less costly, more secure, and easier to use electronic medical records systems, cross-functional communications will become less difficult. Until then, as the Captain, make sure your healthcare star players understand that they don’t shine alone. It takes a Team!

Peace & Energy, Team Green