Foot Care Tips For Diabetic Patients

If you are a person who is dealing with diabetes, you know how important it is to take care of your feet. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the steps needed to keep their feet healthy. Here are a few easy and helpful tips to make sure your feet stay in good shape.

  1. Check your feet often – You should be examining your feet once per day to make sure everything looks good. Look at your bare feet for signs of cuts, swelling, or blisters.
  2. Practice proper hygiene – Make sure you are thoroughly washing and drying your feet, especially in between toes. Trim your toenails when needed. Trim straight across and file the edges with an emery board or nail file. Rub a thin coat of lotion over just the tops and bottoms of your feet.
  3. Protect your feet from hot and coldWear shoes at the beach or on hot pavement. Don’t put your feet into hot water. Test water before putting your feet in it just as you would before bathing a baby. Never use hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets. You can burn your feet without realizing it.
  4. Keep the blood flowing to your feet – Put your feet up when sitting. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes, two (2) or three (3) times a day. Don’t cross your legs for long periods of time. Don’t smoke.
  5. Wear Diabetic Shoes – Diabetic shoes are specially designed shoes intended to reduce the risk of skin breakdown in diabetic patients with pre-existing foot disease. Diabetic shoes must be prescribed by a physician and fitted by a certified pedorthist.
  6. Manage your diabetes – The best foot care tip is to manage your diabetes symptoms before they become a problem. Keep your blood glucose in your target range, participate in an exercise program, and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

If you have diabetes, speak to your doctor about starting a plan to prevent or treat common feet issues. For more information on diabetic shoes and inserts, please give your local Green Prosthetics a call.