Canadian Company Offers Software To Assist With O&P Devices

A Canadian company has developed a software that tracks human body movement in an effort to assist the fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices. Michael Babin developed the software at the heart of his company in his basement. In 2007, Babis was working at Creaform 3D, a company that produces 3D scanners for a variety of industries. He realized that the scanners were not very user-friendly and required a high learning curve, leading to often inconsistent results.

His solution was to develop software designed to simplify the process and to produce more usable information. Targeting the O&P industry. Babin created MSoft to more easily integrate scans of the human body with computer-aided tools to fabricate devices.

“The scanner produces raw data” he explains. “It doesn’t address alignment, and it’s not that easy to turn that data into useful information for fabricating devices. Our software provides alignment, reduces noise around the file, fills in the holes, and produces a representative file of the body part that is compatible with construction and modification.”

In 2012, the company entered a partnership with Rodin 4D, a major presence in the O&P industry, which integrated MSoft into its system. In 2019 the company developed MSoft+, which automates certain algorithms and is able to generate a complete 3D file, recommended products, and provide measurement within 30 seconds.

Babin expects many companies to utilize his software in the future both for environmental reasons and to help improve accuracy. “Our goal is to continue to provide a cheaper, faster, and easer solution for clinicians.” The company, now known as TechMed 3D has more than 20 employees and services more than 50 countries around the world.