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At Green Prosthetics and Orthotics we specialize in foot care also referred to as Pedorthics. Pedorthics is a subspecialty of prosthetics and orthotics dealing with the design, manufacturing and fitting of specialized appliances (shoes and foot orthotics) primarily between the ankle and toes. They are fabricated to prevent or alleviate foot problems cause by disease, congenital defects, overuse, or injury.

Our services are provided by Board-Certified Pedorthists that have a deep understanding of the anatomy of the foot, biomechanics, shoe construction, and shoe modification.


It surprises many people to find out that close to twenty-five percent of the bones in their body are located in their feet. If the bones are misaligned or become injured your whole body can be affected. A specific “foot problem” may not be immediately recognized. However untreated, it could be the cause of a low-back problem, knee issue, or pain associated with the hip, shoulder or neck. The foot, through its vast number of nerve receptors, continuously sends information to the central nervous system. This information is used to track where parts of the body are during movement, what direction they’re headed, and how much pressure they’re experiencing, If the foot is sending incorrect information or none at all, mechanical problems, as well as, physiological issues such as fatigue can occur.


We provide a high level of comprehensive services based on 70 years of experience. The foot orthoses we fabricate are in accordance with the Code of Ethics as provided by the Board of Certified Pedorthics that governs the responsibilities to the patient, the physician, the public, and the profession. Service to each patient starts with a thorough consultation / assessment, and continues through recommendations, creating a treatment plan, providing education and custom fabrication and fitting of the specialized appliance.