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Orthotics is an important primary care area at Green Prosthetics and Orthotics. The services we provide can dramatically improve the daily lifestyles of individuals with musculoskeletal conditions caused by injuries, overuse, illnesses, or those occurring at birth. Our facilities and our practitioners are accredited by the American Board of Certification in Orthotics.


An orthosis is an externally worn device that is applied to the body to restrict or assist an individual’s range of motion. It can also be used to support weak muscles, to correct or prevent injuries, or to balance weight distribution from one part of the body to another. Orthoses (the plural of orthosis) can be braces, supports, or splints and include a vast number of differing appliances. In general, a brace is rigid. A support is soft or semi-rigid. A splint is usually a temporary device to restrict or prevent motion at a particular joint.


Orthoses are described by the joints they span. For example: a foot orthosis is an FO; an ankle foot orthosis is an AFO; and a knee ankle foot orthosis is a KAFO. A full description of the orthoses we provided and their characteristics is shown on the Navigation Bar to the left. A specialty area for us is Pedorthics. Our services deal with the design, manufacturing, and fitting of specialized appliances (shoes and foot orthotics) for the alleviation of problems primarily between the ankle and the toes. Orthoses devices can be custom-fabricated or come prefabricated “off the shelf”. What type is prescribed is dependent on the needs of the patient.


We provide a high level of comprehensive services based on 70 years of experience. Our orthotic expertise includes adults, pediatrics, neuromuscular disorders, spinal, cranial, upper and lower extremities, and sports injury prevention and correction. Service to each patient starts with a thorough consultation / assessment, and continues through recommendations, creating a treatment plan, providing education, proper fitting, and either custom fabricating or acquiring a prefabricated orthosis.

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