Spinal Care

The spine which incorporates vertebrae, disks, as well as the spinal cord is an extremely complex structure. It provides the strength and mobility for the neck and backbone to function appropriately. However, when there is an injury or a deformity everyday activities like bending, reaching, or turning can be extremely painful.

In many instances correction of the condition requires either temporary or permanent bracing or orthotic solutions.


Spinal conditions and their treatments vary from the most common to the very complex. In patients that have complex conditions their care team may include a large number of providers including: primary care physicians, surgeons, rehabilitation specialists, physical therapists, and a pain control specialist. In the case of a simple fracture, fall, or sports injury there maybe be only one physician or provider organization involved.

At Green Prosthetics & Orthotics we will work with your team of care providers to help develop and implement the bracing and /or orthotic components that are a part of your overall treatment plan. By adding Team Green to your heath care support group, you can be assured that we understand that the most important member of the team continues to be you.