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E-Skin Could Improve Prostheses Movement

Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have produced a highly stretchable electronic material and a wearable sensor capable of identifying precise bending and twisting motions. The electronic skin or “E-Skin” development will be able to help identify ailments and disease. Two major applications the scientists are trying to use the e-skin for is the […]

AI Enabled System Predicts Diabetic Foot Disease

A new AI technology being trialed at a major NHS hospital trust could transform treatment for diabetes patients by significantly reducing the need for limb and foot amputations. Barts Health NHS trust – which runs five hospitals in east and central London – has been testing CliniThink’s artificial intelligence software for about three and a […]

Haptic Prosthesis Decreases Mental Load

Researchers from John Hopkins University and Drexel University used neuro-imaging to investigate whether providing an artificial sense of touch through haptic feedback would help people who use prosthetic hands expend less mental effort while carrying out tasks. Using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), the research team measured the mental effort of study participants as they […]

Veteran Becomes First Upper Extremity Amputee To Receive AMI Surgery

A few months back, we discussed a new surgery that was developed at MIT that showed very promising results for amputees. You can find that blog at this link: http://www.greenprosthetics.com/2021/03/11/new-surgery-may-enable-better-control-of-prosthetic-limbs/  At the time, the surgery had only been performed on lower extremities, but now, thanks to an Army veteran volunteer, the first successful upper extremity […]

Research Shows How Brains Can Adapt To Prosthesis

You’d never guess it, but a robotic “third thumb” can change the way your hand is represented in your brain, according to a new study published in the journal Science Robotics. The research may be paving the way for cybernetic augmentation. The research team trained humans to employ a robotic extra thumb and discovered that they […]

Scuba Instructor Inspires Fellow Amputees

Ken Hoffman has been an amputee and a diver for more than two decades. In August of 1999, Hoffman was driving to a bowling alley when his car ran out of gas on Route 66 in Neptune, New Jersey. He and a couple of friends were pushing it when another car struck from behind, pinning […]

Orthotics Helpful For Patients With Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis accounts for about 80% of the burden of osteoarthritis worldwide, and published studies show it contributes more than $27 billion in health care costs annually. Recent studies have shown that orthotics have proven helpful to those with knee osteoarthritis that do not require surgery. The increasing costs of health care coupled with increasing […]