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New Technique Shows 3D Nerve Structure in Diabetic Neuropathy

The use of three-dimensional imaging of human nerve tissue may help researchers better understand the reasoning behind diabetic neuropathy, one of the most common complications of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. In a study published in Scientific Reports, researchers from Lund University and other associated medical facilities demonstrated the feasibility of using x-rays to […]

Temperature Controlled Insole Being Developed By Medical School Team

A new cooling insole developed by UT Southwestern scientists reduced the foot temperature of patients with diabetic neuropathy by several degrees, diminishing a significant risk factor for diabetic foot ulcers. This new device, detailed in an article published online ahead of print May 6 in The Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery, could eventually prevent […]

University Team Moving Forward With Bionic Limb Research

A team led by Assistant Professor Dustin Crouch seeks to unlock what would be a game-changing jump in prosthetic devices by using technology that has so far largely only existed as fantasy: bionics. The key component of the research is what are called muscle-driven endoprostheses (MDEs), which are a type of prosthetic that is completely […]

Canadian Company Offers Software To Assist With O&P Devices

A Canadian company has developed a software that tracks human body movement in an effort to assist the fabrication of orthotic and prosthetic devices. Michael Babin developed the software at the heart of his company in his basement. In 2007, Babis was working at Creaform 3D, a company that produces 3D scanners for a variety […]

New Rubber Pavement Could Save Thousands of Lives

A big stressor for amputees is worrying about falling down. Thousand of amputees across the globe fall and injure themselves every year. A team of researchers supported by an EU initiative is testing pavements made from recycled tires to help prevent injuries from accidents and falls. Falls and fall-related injuries represent a significant health and […]

How Foot Arches May Affect Orthoses and Prostheses

For more than a century, evolutionary biologists have admired the exquisite design of the human foot and how its features make it possible for us to effortlessly walk upright. Our short toes, for example, enable us to run long distances. Now, a paper published Wednesday in Nature makes the case that another part of our […]

Three Year Study Hopes To Improve Upper Limb Prostheses

Researchers in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Texas A&M University are studying machine learning algorithms and computational models to gain insight into the mental demand placed on upper limb prosthesis users, with the ultimate goal of improving the current interface in prostheses. Led by Maryam Zahabi, PhD, an assistant professor, the team […]

Double Amputee To Climb North Africa’s Highest Mountain

An armed forces veteran and ambassador for charity Launchpad, has announced plans to climb Mount Toubkal in Morocco this September. James Rose, who is a double amputee will be climbing to the summit of Mount Toubkal which stands at 4,167m. James will be accompanied by fellow veterans’ John Gilpin, Ray Priest and Gerry Garvey who […]

Too Much Sitting Increases Diabetes/Heart Disease Risk In Older Women

A study of sitting habits in overweight and obese women notes higher insulin resistance and blood sugar levels, which may increase risk for several health conditions, a study says. Researchers assessed the sitting habits of older, post-menopausal women and found those who spent more time seated, and were either overweight or obese, had a higher […]