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Custom Made AFOs Effective in Fall Prevention

The daily use of bilateral custom-made ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) and walking shoes, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, has been found to be beneficial for older adults with concerns about or at risk of falling, according to a new study by Bijan Najafi, PhD, and his research team at the Baylor College of […]

Bionic Leg Being Developed Could Change Lives

For a brief time, Kerry Finn felt like The Six Million Dollar Man. The 60-year-old retired truck driver from Salt Lake County, Utah, lost his left leg to vascular disease from type 2 diabetes. But last year, he was one of 10 human subjects at the University of Utah to test one of the world’s […]

Teen Born Without Leg Donates Hundreds of Barbies

A New York teenager who was born missing a leg is doing her part for the children in her community that are going through a similar experience. Chloe Newman was born without her right leg, due to a rare condition known as Amniotic Band Syndrome. As a lifelong prosthetic user, the 18-year-old knows firsthand how […]

Scientists Develop Advanced Prosthetic Liners

Researchers at the University of Bath in Somerset, United Kingdom, have developed a new approach using 3-D scanning technology to help reduce the number of office visits necessary to replace liners due to fluctuating residual limb volumes. The team is testing an approach that would provide an amputee with a series of personalized liners of […]

“Star Wars” Arm That Can Move And Feel Being Developed

A biomedical engineering team at the University of Utah has helped to develop a prototype of a high-tech prosthetic arm with fingers that can move and feel via the user’s thoughts. The team, led by University of Utah’s biomedical engineering associate professor Gregory Clark, PhD, has developed a way for the LUKE prosthetic arm (named […]

Exercising Habits Are Important For Prosthetic Users

Healthy lifestyle habits are important for everyone, but even more so for prosthetic users.  The absence of a limb and a portion of the muscular-skeletal system can cause physical strain on the rest of the body, not to mention the emotional strain of adapting to limb loss.  Both your initial recovery and your long-term wellness […]

Engineers Test Stumble Responses To Improve Prostheses

The Center for Rehabilitation, Engineering, and Assistive Technology at Vanderbilt University conducted tests as a first step toward learning to prevent stumbles and falls for users of prosthetic devices. The open-access results were published in the Journal of Neuro-Engineering and Rehabilitation. While being observed with motion capturing sensors, seven healthy subjects walked on a force-instrumented […]

National Records Broken During 5th Annual Angel City Games

Athletes, Paralympians, and attendees came from across the country to attend the fifth annual Angel City Games at the University of California, Los Angeles, June 20-23. The Angel City Games is the premier adaptive sports festival in the Western United States, offering clinics, competitions and special events for people of all ages and skill levels […]

Proposed Legislation Would Protect Our Patients

The Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA) are working diligently on two pieces of legislation that will benefit the prosthetics and orthotic field and improve the quality of care for our patients. The first bill, the Medicare Orthotics and Prosthetics Patient Centered Care Act, will ensure […]

Amputees Express Interest In Surgeries To Restore Touch And Control

A recent study showed that amputees may be willing to undergo further surgery in order to regain some of what they have lost. Researchers surveyed people with amputations to establish their willingness to undergo surgery that would restore their sense of touch and provide better movement control. The interest in the surgery was found to […]