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Post-Op Pain Unrelated To Phantom Pain, Study Finds

Although pain management before amputation is important, the use of pre-emptive analgesia for prevention of phantom limb pain is controversial. A study published in the “Journal of Anesthesia” aimed to determine the factors associated with perioperative phantom limb pain. Researchers in the department of anesthesiology at Hirosaki University Graduate School reviewed the medical records of […]

Managing Foot Ulcers And Bunions With Orthotics

For people with foot problems, the consequences can range from minor pain to severe complications. Specialized care, including custom orthopedic shoes and orthotics, can keep these ailments under control. The skin sores known as foot ulcers are a serious risk to people with diabetes.  This is because the long-term complications of diabetes often include neuropathy […]

Brains Remember Missing Limbs Decades After Amputation

Researchers have found that the brain stores detailed information of a missing hand decades after amputation, regardless of whether amputees still experience phantom hand sensations. Their study, published in eLife, revealed detailed hand information in the brains of amputees compared with people who had been born with a missing hand. The research could pave the […]

Amputee Receives High Tech Arm Inspired By Video Game

Seven years ago, James Young lost his left arm after falling in between two train carriages. A recent contest held by Konami, a company primarily known for creating video games has allowed James to replace his limb with an extremely high-tech prosthesis. Applicants needed to be passionate about video games and live in the UK. […]

Rerouting Nerves May Prevent Pain In Amputees

Scientists have found that rerouting nerves during amputation can reduce debilitating phantom limb and stump pain in amputees even before it starts. Doctors at Ohio State University are pioneering the use of primary targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) to prevent or reduce phantom limb pain. TMR was first developed to allow amputees better control of upper […]

Using Technology For Superior Cranial Orthoses

Plagiocephaly is a very common and very treatable disorder that effects nearly 1 in 2 children with 1 in 10 children having it serious enough to seek out treatment. The condition that is also knows as “flat head syndrome” is characterized by a flat spot on the back of the child’s head. Plagiocephaly has been […]

Foot Care Tips For Diabetic Patients

If you are a person who is dealing with diabetes, you know how important it is to take care of your feet. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the steps needed to keep their feet healthy. Here are a few easy and helpful tips to make sure your feet stay in good shape. Check your feet often […]