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Using Technology For Superior Cranial Orthoses

Plagiocephaly is a very common and very treatable disorder that effects nearly 1 in 2 children with 1 in 10 children having it serious enough to seek out treatment. The condition that is also knows as “flat head syndrome” is characterized by a flat spot on the back of the child’s head. Plagiocephaly has been […]

Foot Care Tips For Diabetic Patients

If you are a person who is dealing with diabetes, you know how important it is to take care of your feet. Unfortunately, not everyone takes the steps needed to keep their feet healthy. Here are a few easy and helpful tips to make sure your feet stay in good shape. Check your feet often […]

Seeking Alternative Therapies May Help Recovery

Experts around the country have been seeking out alternative therapies for their patients in an attempt to keep them excited about their recovery. The premise for using alternative types of therapy in conjunction with traditional, proven therapeutic methods is simple: Even if an individual has access to the best therapies in the world, they will […]

A Way To Track Prosthesis Use Without Electronics

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin have developed 3-D printed gears that are able to track and store information without the use of electronics. The system uses a method called backscatter, through which a device, including a prosthesis, can share information by reflecting signals that are transmitted to it with an antenna. The system uses […]

Are You Relying Too Much On Your Intact Limbs?

Researchers from the University of Salford have conducted a study to show those with prosthetics limbs that they may be overly reliant on their intact limbs. In previous tests, clinicians relied on data from questionnaires from prosthesis patients. In the first major study of its kind, researchers used electronic sensors to get details about the […]

A Prosthetic Limb That Feels Real?

One of the major goals of neuroprosthetics is to create an artificial limb that feel like a real extension of your body. Technology advances in this field have been slow and current prosthetic limbs are not able to provide the multisensory feedback that is required for your brain to experience the limb as part of […]

Team Green Gives Back

Imagine you lost an arm or leg.  And you know that artificial limbs exists that can help you live a more normal life.  However, the reality you face — is that your chances of ever receiving a device are slim, if not impossible. That is what millions of people in under developed countries live with […]

What Are You Holding On To?

There’s a story about a South African tribe that made their living by selling monkeys to research organizations. How they captured them was unique. They started by hallowing out a gourd and cutting a hole in the bottom just large enough so that a monkey’s hand could fit into it. They would then place a […]