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Are You Relying Too Much On Your Intact Limbs?

Researchers from the University of Salford have conducted a study to show those with prosthetics limbs that they may be overly reliant on their intact limbs. In previous tests, clinicians relied on data from questionnaires from prosthesis patients. In the first major study of its kind, researchers used electronic sensors to get details about the […]

A Prosthetic Limb That Feels Real?

One of the major goals of neuroprosthetics is to create an artificial limb that feel like a real extension of your body. Technology advances in this field have been slow and current prosthetic limbs are not able to provide the multisensory feedback that is required for your brain to experience the limb as part of […]

Team Green Gives Back

Imagine you lost an arm or leg.  And you know that artificial limbs exists that can help you live a more normal life.  However, the reality you face — is that your chances of ever receiving a device are slim, if not impossible. That is what millions of people in under developed countries live with […]

What Are You Holding On To?

There’s a story about a South African tribe that made their living by selling monkeys to research organizations. How they captured them was unique. They started by hallowing out a gourd and cutting a hole in the bottom just large enough so that a monkey’s hand could fit into it. They would then place a […]

Teamwork – An Endangered Quality in Healthcare?

On our website we point out that many of us at one time or another experienced what it was like to be a part of an exceptional team. It was a collection of individuals who worked together, had a set of common goals & values, trusted one another, complemented each others’ strengths, and compensated for […]

What Are You Running “To” ? ? ?

You might think that a discussion about running in a Prosthetic & Orthotic Blog is somewhat unusual.  Well — not so much!  Especially if you consider that the difference in the current 100 meter world record for an Olympian vs. a Para-Olympian is less than 2 seconds. So running is more than a viable topic […]

Hidden Hopes & Dreams Made Real…

This awesome video captures the experiences of six wounded Israeli solders who, along with their U.S.and British counterparts, participated in a U.S. Paralympic Military Sports Camp. The camp lasted only four (4) days and for many it was their first introduction to the world of paralympic sports.  It truly highlights the possibilities that current technology, […]

HUGE, BIG Win for O&P & Our Patients

Most Devices Are Exempt from 2.3% Excise Tax at Both the Component Manufacturer & Patient Care Facility Level AOPA is pleased to inform members that the Treasury Department has today released the final rule for the medical device excise tax. Broadly speaking, and most importantly, Treasury has confirmed what they had stated in the proposed […]