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Consulting Service Pre-Operative

With respect to an amputation, one of the areas of concern for achieving the most successful outcome is determining the most effective type. Examples include: Above-the-Knee; Below-the-Knee; Above-the-Elbow; Below-the-Elbow; and Knee, Hip, or Shoulder Disarticulations. The approach selected often times is critical in being able to achieve the optimal residual limb configuration, skin integrity, and scar tissue. These factors all contribute to the proper fitting of an appropriate prosthesis.

At Green Prosthetics & Orthotics our practitioners offer free consultation services to surgeons before they operate.Our consulting is designed to discuss alternatives to ensure that the patient’s ability to accommodate their life style, vocation, hobbies, and expectations, is maximized. This is done through determining the best location for the amputation and the optimum conditions of the residual limb in context with the physical demands of the patient’s daily life.

In addition, healthcare professionals may also “refer their patients” to Green Prosthetics & Orthotics also before surgery. While we document many of the phases of care (see Milestones – Physical & Emotional Recovery in the Patient Experience Section of this Website) it is often times very beneficial for patients to talk directly about their concerns. This is especially true when they have time to consider the ramifications of an upcoming surgery.

To refer a patient, please click here. Sharing wisdom an insight before surgery can help patients adjust to living life with limb loss — not by merely coping — but by overcoming.