At Green Prosthetics & Orthotics we are committed to providing our patients with advanced technologies that enables them to live life to the fullest, and move beyond perceived limitations. To accomplish that we partner with some of the most well known and technologically advanced manufacturing companies in the world.


By working closely with state-of-the art manufactures we stay current with the new advancements in components, devices, and interfaces that help create solutions that provide more natural motion.



Rheo Knee

The PROPRIO FOOT from OSSUR utilizes Energy Vector Optimization (EVO) that provides a host of physiological benefits for the transtibial amputee.

The strong design utilizes intelligent ankle flexion to help users walk confidently and naturally, without watching the ground, trusting that their PROPRIO FOOT is stable and safe. The resultant lifelike gait helps to reduce stress on the back, hips, and knees, an important factor in people’s ability to walk longer, farther, and more comfortably.


  • Detects toe-off, triggering dorsiflexion during the swing phase to safely clear the ground, curbs, and other terrain irregularities.
  • Senses and responds rapidly to changes in ground level gradient by adjusting ankle angulation.
  • Dramatically simplifies stair ascent and descent.
  • Using EVO technology, the foot module closely mimics the movement of the human foot, for a fluid, energetic, forward progression.
  • Lifelike ankle movement enables PROPRIO FOOT to adjust appropriately so the user can sit and stand normally.
  • At the push of a button, the PROPRIO FOOT automatically aligns itself, adapting to a wide variety of footwear.


The newly redesigned RHEO KNEE from OSSUR is an advanced prosthetic device that allows its users to focus on the activity they are currently undertaking instead of having to think about the mechanics of walking.

The new knee features many upgrades including a higher weight limit, faster swing speed, increased torque, and improved aesthetics. The redesigned knee is able to recognize subtle changes in walking speed as well as changes in the terrain. The RHEO KNEE uses this information to continuously learn and adapt to an amputee’s individual walking style and environment.


  • Designed for individuals weighing up to 275lbs.
  • Approximately 10% lighter than the original RHEO KNEE.
  • Anatomical shape for easy cosmetic covering.
  • Extremely smooth swing extension for a natural, confident, energy-efficient gait.
  • Optimum stance support.
  • Wireless communication between the knee and the Personal Data Assistant (PDA).
  • Adapts to user gaits and cadences.


Cti ® CUSTOM BRACES with ACCUTRAC ® Technology from OSSUR provide the ultimate combination of stabilization and protection of the knee joint.

The custom-made braces use Accutrac® hinges with extension stops that glide with the knee and breathable liners to reduce migration and skin irritation. Additionally, flexible cuffs and buckles eliminate pressure points. The CTi Custom Knee Braces are available in 3 models — Vapor, Standard and Pro Sport — and can be further customized with a variety of options, colors, designs and/or accessories.


  • Provides a Total Support System™ for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, Rotary and other combined instabilities.
  • Hand-laminated, carbon composite frame construction.
  • Frame shape is low-profile making it suitable for a variety of physical activities.
  • Accutrac® hinges, proprietary Sensil® padding, and SensEdge overmolding provide a comfortable anatomically correct fit.
  • Flexible lower medial cuff provides increased protection against rotational forces and is breathable for added comfort
  • Constructed from non-corrosive materials, enabling use for water sports
  • One Year Fit Guarantee to accommodate changes in leg size during the first year following injury.

i-LIMB Ultra

The i-LIMB Ultra from Touch Bionics is one of the most versatile prosthetic hands available today.

The i-LIMB Ultra prosthesis looks and moves more like a natural hand. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp.


  • Vari-grip allows variable digit-by-digit strength.
  • Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures.
  • Biosim-i (user based) and Biosim- pro (clinician based) software allows for selection of automatic hand modes, signal assessments, and training modes.
  • Two i-Limb skin active coverings.
  • One i-Limb skin natural coverings.
  • Auto grasp feature to prevent objects from slipping.
  • Hand automatically moves to a natural position after a period of inactivity.
  • Manually rotatable thumb and wrist.
  • Proportional control – the stronger the input signal, the faster the fingers move.
  • Power management and low battery warning.


The C-Leg microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knee from Otto Bock started a revolution for above‑knee amputees. Since its 1999 introduction into the U.S. more than 40,000 people worldwide have taken advantage of the unparalleled stability it has offered.

The most clinically evaluated microprocessor knee in history, C-Leg is backed by evidence demonstrating increased efficacy in safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. C-Leg’s superb stumble recovery and smooth swing activation provides a confident, natural gait.  Users can speed up, slow down, take on hills and go down stairs step‑over‑step—all with a secure, comfortable stride.


  • Improved swing phase control for smoother, more natural movement.
  • Higher weight limit: 300 lbs.
  • Improved stumble recovery. Increased resistance in case of a trip or stumble.
  • A third mode providing an additional personalized choice for the user.
  • Adjustable safety mode. The default setting can be adjusted, personalized to the user’s preference.
  • Improved protection. New silicone caps covering the charging and adjustment jacks are now attached to the knee, securing the caps and improving protection from foreign matter and moisture.

GENIUM Bionic Knee

The GENIUM Bionic Knee from Otto Block is now available in limited quantities in the United States. This state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled knee joint utilizes a complex sensory system and sophisticated rule sets to mimic natural gait more closely than other prosthetic knees.

The GENIUM builds on the knowledge gained from Otto Bock’s experience with tens of thousands of C-Leg® wearers and decades of development. The unique GENIUM technology is not a next-generation C-Leg, but a sophisticated new technology platform built to gather exponentially greater microprocessor inputs that will result in very precise responses.


  • Ascend stairs step over step due to additional sensory inputs.
  • Cross obstacles more smoothly with a stable, flexed knee at landing.
  • Walk backwards, forwards—any direction.
  • Stand more easily with the Intuitive Stance Function that resists further flexion.
  • Sit more naturally – after 2 seconds with the thigh parallel to the ground the GENIUM reduces resistance to take a more natural position.
  • Splash-water resistant
  • Battery life of 5 days
  • Computer Assisted Alignment (CAA) – groundbreaking innovation for fitting.


SENSOR WALK was developed by Otto Block in conjunction with the Mayo Clinic. The knee-ankle-foot orthotic (KAFO) provides superb stance control for patients who exhibit weak or absent quadriceps, or display knee instability while bearing weight during the stance phase of the gait cycle.

Unique sensors in the footplate know when the patient is in the late stance phase and triggers the knee joint to unlock. Because an extension movement is not required to unlock the joint, the SENSOR WALK helps provide the clinical benefits of a more natural gait. The robust design can handle patients who weigh up to 300 lbs (136 kg) and can accommodate a 15° knee flexion.


  • Enhanced stability during stance phase.
  • Stumble recovery due to the ability to block flexion if needed.
  • The flexion blocking mechanism is activated when needed during the gait cycle, providing additional stability.
  • 300 lbs (136 kg) weight limit.
  • Electronic assessment of the relative orientation of the patient’s limb and utilization of a microprocessor to determine the appropriate time to engage and disengage the knee joint restraint mechanism.
  • The SENSOR WALK can be set to function in three ways: as a locked joint, as a stance control KAF orthotic, and in a free swing mode.

Harmony VASS

The Harmony® Vacuum Management System is a prosthetic breakthrough available from Otto Bock. The Harmony applies VASS™ (Vacuum-Assisted Socket System) technology.

The one-of-a-kind VASS technology creates an elevated vacuum between the patient’s liner and socket wall, promoting natural fluid exchange and a secure fit. The increase in patient mobility has been remarkable, with some users going from ten minutes of mobility to ten hours. The system is activated at every step when using the mechanical pump, or by a sensor with the electronic version.


  • Only two buttons are required to operate the device: – a plus and a minus button.
  • Finger guide rails are positioned for intuitive device operation.
  • Audible & visual feedback using LED lamps and/or (optional) audio signals.
  • Four preset vacuum levels for quick and easy pressure adjustments.
  • Massage mode – which can be activated during rest periods. .
  • Memory function – the Harmony® records the last level setting when it is turned off and automatically re-establishes it when the device is turned on.
  • Small & lightweight.


The NESS L300 Foot Drop System from Bioness Inc. is designed to help individuals with certain neurological conditions walk more naturally, with increased speed and improved balance.

Foot drop is not a disease. It results from an injury or illness that makes the foot and ankle muscles weak or paralyzed. Medical conditions that affect the central nervous system such as a stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, or cerebral palsy may also cause foot drop.

The NESS L300’s advanced technology delivers programmed, low-level electrical stimulation to activate the nerves and muscles that lift the foot which can enable the user to regain mobility and independence.


  • Provides “close to” natural movement when walking.
  • Reeducates muscles to function without the system.
  • Prevents muscle loss (often called atrophy).
  • Maintains or increases joint range of motion in the ankle and foot.
  • Increases local blood flow.
  • Can be comfortably worn under most clothing.
  • Eliminates the need for a rigid ankle-foot orthosis (AFO).


The OMEGA TRACER SYSTEM from WillowWood is the most versatile Computer Aided Design (CAD) solution in the prosthetic and orthotic industry. At Green Prosthetics & Orthotics we utilize this technology to enhance the overall quality of our products and services.

Utilizing this technology saves our patients’ time and increases their comfort levels by eliminating the need for plaster casts. This is especially beneficial when working with infants and adolescents. Using non-contact hand held lasers and measurement tools the OMEGA TRACER SYSTEM accurately captures deep scars, invaginations, and intricate anatomical surfaces. The result is improved clinical capabilities.


  • Create images for Check Sockets, Definitive Sockets, and Custom Liners quickly and easily.
  • Provide a safe, pain-free method for capturing the shape of an infant’s head without a plaster cast for Cranial Helmets.
  • Provide accurate measurements for Spinal Orthotics
  • Create images for Ankle Foot Orthotics and Insoles
  • Provide a Custom Breast Prosthesis that fits snugly onto the chest that matches the shape of the intact breast.
  • Using the extensive suite of software modify the captured shapes as necessary for desired adjustments or to improve fabrication.
  • Store and document patient data before, during, and after treatments.
  • Provide printed images to support medical necessity and expedite authorization.