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Harmony VASS

The Harmony® Vacuum Management System is a prosthetic breakthrough available from Otto Bock. The Harmony applies VASS™ (Vacuum-Assisted Socket System) technology.

The one-of-a-kind VASS technology creates an elevated vacuum between the patient’s liner and socket wall, promoting natural fluid exchange and a secure fit. The increase in patient mobility has been remarkable, with some users going from ten minutes of mobility to ten hours. The system is activated at every step when using the mechanical pump, or by a sensor with the electronic version.

Key Features:

Only two buttons are required to operate the device: – a plus and a minus button.

Finger guide rails are positioned for intuitive device operation. 

Audible & visual feedback using LED lamps and/or (optional) audio signals.

Four preset vacuum levels for quick and easy pressure adjustments. 

Massage mode – which can be activated during rest periods. .

Memory function – the Harmony® records the last level setting when it is turned off and automatically re-establishes it when the device is turned on. 

Small & lightweight.