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i-LIMB Ultra

The i-LIMB Ultra from Touch Bionics is one of the most versatile prosthetic hands available today.

The i-LIMB Ultra prosthesis looks and moves more like a natural hand. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural joints so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object you want to grasp.

Key Features include:

Vari-grip allows variable digit-by-digit strength.

Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures.

Biosim-i (user based) and Biosim- pro (clinician based) software allows for selection of automatic hand modes, signal assessments, and training modes.

Two i-Limb skin active coverings.

One i-Limb skin natural coverings.

Auto grasp feature to prevent objects from slipping.

Hand automatically moves to a natural position after a period of inactivity.

Manually rotatable thumb and wrist.

Proportional control – the stronger the input signal, the faster the fingers move.

Power management and low battery warning.