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The newly redesigned RHEO KNEE from OSSUR is an advanced prosthetic device that allows its users to focus on the activity they are currently undertaking instead of having to think about the mechanics of walking.

The new knee features many upgrades including a higher weight limit, faster swing speed, increased torque, and improved aesthetics. The redesigned knee is able to recognize subtle changes in walking speed as well as changes in the terrain. The RHEO KNEE uses this information to continuously learn and adapt to an amputee’s individual walking style and environment.

Key Features include:

Designed for individuals weighing up to 275lbs.

Approximately 10% lighter than the original RHEO KNEE.

Anatomical shape for easy cosmetic covering.

Extremely smooth swing extension for a natural, confident, energy-efficient gait.

Optimum stance support.

Wireless communication between the knee and the Personal Data Assistant (PDA).

Adapts to user gaits and cadences.